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Arbiter Rapid Fire Controller Chip
All controllers built by us can be fitted with the latest ARBITER mod chip. Over 100 possible rapid fire functions with built in ELITE mode and simple operation with no extra buttons or triggers required.
1. Ultra Fire 11. Rapid Fire + Auto-Fast Reload + Aim
2. Rapid Fire 12. Dual Trigger
3. Rapid Fire (3 Burst) 13. Quick Scope (3 Burst)
4. Ultra Fire + Drop Shot (LTC) 14. Combi Mode LT:Rapid Fire, RT:Aim
5.  Drop Shot + Aim (LTC)    
6.  Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Aim (LTC)    
7. Ultra Fire + Jump Shot (LTC)    
8. Jump Shot + Aim (LTC)    
9. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Aim (LTC)    
10. User Programming Mode    


1. Rapid Fire 41. Jump Shot + Aim
2. Rapid Fire GOW 42. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Aim
3. Rapid Fire GTA + Aim 43. Jump Shot + Aim
4. Ultra Fire 44. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Aim
5. Dual Trigger 45. Jump Shot + Fast Reload + Aim
6. Aim 46. Jump Shot + Auto-Fast Reload + Aim
7. Rapid Fire + Aim 47. Rapid Fire+Jump Shot+Fast Reload+Aim
8. Rapid Fire 3 Burst 48. Rapid Fire+Jump Shot+Auto-Fast Reload + Aim
9. Ultra Fire + Drop Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 49. Jump Shot + Auto Aim
10. User Programming Mode 50 Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Auto Aim
11. Drop Shot 51. Combination Mode (LT = Rapid Fire, RT = Aim)
12. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot 52. Auto Aim
13. Ultra Fire + Drop Shot 53. Auto Aim on LT
14. Drop Shot (LT Cancellation) 54. Fast Reload + Auto Aim
15. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot (LT Cancellation) 55. Auto-Fast Reload + Auto Aim
16. Ultra Fire + Drop Shot (LT Cancellation) 56. Rapid Fire + Auto Aim
17. Drop Shot + Fast Reload 57. Ultra Fire + Auto Aim
18. Drop Shot + Auto-Fast Reload 58. Rapid Fire + Fast Reload + Auto Aim
19. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Fast Reload 59. Rapid Fire + Auto-Fast Reload + Auto Aim
20. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Auto-Fast Reload 60. Ultra Fire + Auto-Fast Reload + Auto Aim
21. Drop Shot + Aim 61. Fast Reload
22. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Aim 62. Auto-Fast Reload
23. Drop Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 63. Rapid Fire + Fast Reload
24. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 64. Rapid Fire + Auto-Fast Reload
25. Drop Shot + Fast Reload + Aim 65. Fast Reload + Aim
26. Drop Shot + Auto-Fast Reload + Aim 66. Auto-Fast Reload + Aim
27. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Fast Reload + Aim 67. Rapid Fire + Fast Reload + Aim
28. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Auto-Fast Reload + Aim 68. Rapid Fire + Auto-Fast Reload + Aim
29. Drop Shot + Auto Aim 69. Rapid Fire GOW + Fast Reload GOW
30. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Auto Aim 70. Rapid Fire GOW + Auto-Fast Reload GOW
31. Jump Shot 71. 2SPS DMR
32. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot 72. Ultra Fire Alternative
33. Ultra Fire + Jump Shot 73. Combi Legacy (LT = Rapid Fire, RT = Auto Aim)
34. Jump Shot (LT Cancellation) 74. Quick Scope
35. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot (LT Cancellation) 75. Quick Scope (3 Burst)
36. Ultra Fire + Jump Shot (LT Cancellation) 76. Quick Scope + Rapid Fire
37. Jump Shot + Fast Reload 77. Quick Scope Tap Shot (Hold Cancel*)
38. Jump Shot + Auto-Fast Reload 78. Quick Scope Tap Shot
39. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Fast Reload    
40. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Auto-Fast Reload    
All modded controllers are supplied with an ARBITER user manual giving you access to a wealth of information,tips and tricks.

Send us your existing PlayStation or Xbox games controller and we'll strip it down and rebuild it to your specifications.
Customizable User List

It gets better! As there are so many modes to choose from, you may want to have a handful of your favorite modes at quick disposal.

You can put any mode into the User List slots with ease so that you can add your 5 best modes and quickly switch between them with a single button press.

Adjustable Firing Speed

One of the best things about the Arbiter 3 is every single mode that uses Rapid Fire or timings can have its speed completely customized for future proof games.

As default the speed of rapid fire is what we call Speed Mode 30. The slowest speed is Speed Mode 1, and fastest is Speed Mode 50 which is over 250 shots per second!

Features Explained

Rapid fire is when you press the RT trigger to fire your weapon and the chip rapidly fires the trigger simulating you pressing the RT trigger over and over very fast.

Ultra fire is an enhancement of Rapid Fire to make semi and fully automatic guns fire even faster. This mode is only available for Call of Duty games up to Black Ops. Any CODs that don’t support it will just cause the gun to swap weapons very fast.

Dual Trigger also sometimes called Akimbo, Dual Trigger is Rapid Fire but for dual wielding guns like Dual Pistols in Call of Duty and dual wielding in Halo’s etc… Just pull the fire trigger to rapid fire both triggers. If you have a single weapon in this mode you can hold LT (to aim) before pulling RT to fire and it will rapid fire the single shot weapon ok too.

Burst fire is just Rapid Fire but with a limited number of bullets. So 3 Burst will rapidly fire 3 shots then stop until you release the trigger. Perfect for snipers and ammo preservation.

Quick-scope &Tap-shot With quick scope, as soon as you look down the sight by holding LT, the chip will automatically hold your breath for you to steady your aim, which you would usually have to click in the left thumb stick to do. This makes scoping much easier. In Tap mode you just tap LT quickly and let go and the chip will keep LT pressed then fire shortly after.

LT Cancellation For Jump and Drop Shot modes, you don’t always want to drop or jump, for example if you are behind a window. To prevent the drop or jump, in any mode with LT Cancellation, if you are already pressing LT (looking down the sight) when you fire you won’t drop or jump.

Aim & Auto Aim any modes that have ‘Aim’ activated mean that by pulling RT to fire, it will automatically pull LT for you so you don’t have to manually aim down the sight. One less thing to think about. Auto aim is similar, but for off-line games that have an ‘aim assist’ option, the Auto Aim will automatically track the enemies for you so you don’t even need to aim at them!

Drop Shot Still the only chip on the market to do Drop Shot fully and not do half a job. When you pull the RT the chip will instantly and automatically drop you to the floor while doing any other action on the mode you are in (such as aim for you and rapid fire), then as soon as you release RT it will stand you back up!

Jump Shot This is identical to drop shot but instead of dropping to the floor, you will continually jump.

Fast Reload Fast Reload and Auto Fast Reload work specifically on Black Ops and Gears of War 2 & 3. For Fast Reload, when you reload your weapon, the A3 will automatically ‘glitch’ on Black Ops about half a second before finishing allowing you to finish reloading that little bit quicker. This works for FN Fal, Famas and a few others. For Gears of Wars games the Fast Reload is perfectly timed Active Reloads when you press reload.

Auto-Fast Reload is the same as Fast Reload but you don’t have to press reload, you just let go of RT after firing, and it will reload for you.

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